#71 Web TV: How to Hit a Chip Shot With Ease

How to Hit a Chip Shot with Ease.

Today's tip what we are going to look at how to hit a chip shot with ease.

When I see golfers out playing on the golf course, even in practice sessions or warm up sessions prior to playing golf, the players do not transfer their body weight into their chip shot.

What tends to happen in majority of cases is that players who are chipping tend to hang back, either their body weight is even on both feet or they lean back on their back foot...plus their hands and wrists tend to flip the club to find a way of getting the ball to go forward.

There is nothing really happening with the lower half of the body...it tends to stay still, hence there is an issue with the chip shot which then leads to inconsistency.

Now when you are chipping your shot there needs to be weight transfer forward. Which means when you have performed your chip shot and your are transferring your body weight forward into the direction that you want the ball to go...you will in turn take pressure off your wrists and hands.

The tip for today is you guessed it...transferring your weight to your left side (if you are a right handed golfer). If however you are a left handed golfer, your will be doing the opposite and transferring your weight the the right side.

What I would like you to do here:

  • Open up your left foot about 45 degrees
  • Take your club straight back
  • Then bring your club straight through to make contact with the ball
  • Transfer your body weight onto your left side
  • Your right knee should then touch your left knee

So by performing this action, it takes the pressure off the hands and the wrists, it allows your arms to come through to make contact with the ball with ease. You then rely on the lower body to do the work for you than feeling as though you have to get rid of the ball.

The best thing to do here is to view the video to get the whole action in motion. Enjoy the video on 'How to Hit a Chip Shot with Ease'

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