#188 Web TV: A Simple Way To Gain Consistent Golf Swing

A Simple Way To Gain Consistent Golf Swing

Would you like more consistency with your golf swing?

A lot of people that I teach and that I get emails from and messages from and everything else,conversations with, we all talk about how they want consistency.

Now, I understand that, it’s the biggest challenge in golf. The thing that I am going to do today is to show you something very simple to think about with your swing because a lot of people are not aware of what goes on in their golf swing.

I’m going to give you something simply that you can apply and work on, so that you are really creating an easier shot for yourself.

People tend to try and hit the ball really hard, so we want to make if really easy.

You may find that this tip resonates for you and something you can apply into your game and I’m going to show you what it is.

We are going to be working on our chest and our chest is going to feel like it turns back and our chest is going to feel like it turns through.

Now, how do we implement it into the golf swing?

If you watch what I’m doing, I’ll do it with the ball in a second, but, when I go back, my chest is pointing back, almost feeling like the centre of my back is actually facing to where I want the ball to go.

Chest back and then come down and then chest through. As you can see my chest is actually facing in the direction I want the ball to go.

What else do you notice?

I have transferred to weight onto my left side. Remember, in the golf swing, make sure you transfer onto the other foot to make sure we are going in the direction we want the ball to go. The swing itself but also transferring the weight.

Nice and easy!

I’ll demonstrate one for you and then you are going to go and practice it. Chest back, chest through. Where did you see my chest pointing? Chest back and chest through.

That what I’m going to get YOU to focus on.

I hope you enjoyed the tip today, love you to leave a comment and share with me what you liked best about what you heard today and if you have friends that you know will benefit from these videos, it would be absolutely awesome if you could share them, because we want to build the Lady Golf Teacher community as big as we possibly can.

Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; Tee it high and Let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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Jenny muston

Plan to practice this tip today, love your tps, thankyou


Hi Tiff,

I would LOVE some help with my putting, I play off 15 but have always struggled with the putting. I have been fitted for a putter so I know that is now not my problem but I get really, really anxious now over the shorter putts and not sure how I can overcome this.

Bev Boroughs

Hi Tiff,
I purchased the 3 steps to consistency online last night and entered the code but only got a third of the way through
Thinking I could return and re read again tonight but unfortunately I’m unable to access the download…?? am I doing something wrong??
Would appreciate you helping me out if possible…….thanking you….Bev

Julie Blake

Thanks Tiff I am new to golf. I live on a The golf course at Bargara Qld. I get so frustrated with my inconsistency. I know I try to hit too hard. Just need to slow my swing I am thinking. I so enjoy your your videos. You are so easy to follow. Thank you


Tiff, as you are aware I just enjoy so very much your tips. Over the last couple of years of getting to know you my handicap is improving and in a large part to your tips, and help. You are a great motivator and a wonderful human being.
Sincere thanks.

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