#112 Web TV: How To Get Consistent Golf Swing In Competition

How to get a consistent golf swing in your competition rounds.

Well, what we are going to be looking at today is a way in which you can get a consistent golf swing and play more consistent golf when you are actually playing competition.

I see this happen a lot. When people come and play, they will come and have a lesson with me for example, and they can create a nice easy rhythm and they can get the feel of the shot and everything is working well, even in group sessions that I run, then they go out onto the golf course and then it suddenly falls apart.

They then feel that they are playing like crap, they just can’t get it together and they don’t know why. There are a few reasons for that but one reason in particular is in fact that you have created a nice easy rhythm here when you have actually been having a lesson, or you have been at the driving range working on your game but when you then go out onto the golf course it doesn’t work so well.

The reason is that you haven’t created that rhythm. Do you remember how I spoke about the eagle formula a while ago and we talked about pre-shot routine and creating a good swing rhythm, it is super, super important that you do it.

The thing that you want to do here is that you create a swing rhythm. This is going to be your goal for the next time you are going to play golf.

The first thing I want you to do is to go out on the driving range and I want you to pick your favourite club. I know that you are going to say that every club is my favourite but I want you to pick your absolute favourite club and I want you to create the rhythm with that club.

The reason I want you to do that is to, yes, create rhythm. I want you to get the feel of it and then what I want you to do is to fiddle around and hit with other clubs and see if you can create the same rhythm when you are the range.

You want to practice this first.

Once you create that rhythm, that nice easy rhythm, you are getting a nice easy feel and you start to find that you will hit the ball really, really well, because you will have a nice easy rhythm and then I want you to work on applying that when you are out on the golf course.

Now how do you do that?

When you are setting up for a ball what you want to do is to do your set and then do a nice easy practice swing.

Remember when I have spoken to you before, in the past, the you actually stand behind the ball when you do a practice swing, I’m just showing you for the purposes of this exercise, that I do it beside the ball, but I never do a practice swing beside the ball it’s always at the back. That’s what you should be doing too, if you’re setting up to a ball it should be setting up to hit the ball not setting up beside the ball to do a practice swing.

Now we are going to create a nice easy practice swing. Back and through, just nice and easy. The challenge for you is to create the same swing here.

You can’t expect that if you do a nice slow swing with your practice swing and then you stand over the ball and then suddenly go kapow! And expect the ball to work.

It won’t work because the technique will change the position of making contact with the ball will change. That’s when we then have problems.

So, you challenge, this is a challenge for you and I want you to come back after you have gone and done that at the range and you have applied it out on the golf course I want you to do me a favour and leave a comment letting me know how you went.

I want you to say, yes, I have been working on it and I can start to feel the difference with it and I understand what you mean by the swing, nice easy rhythm that you are creating when you are standing over the ball as well. I want to hear from you about that and also if you got value out of today’s tip.


Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; tee it high and let it fly.

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