#10 Web TV: How to Chip with a Hybrid

How to Chip with a Hybrid

Imagine you are standing off the green, not sure what to do whether you should chip your ball or maybe even lob the ball onto the green.

You are a bit far away to putt the ball.

The only problem you have is that your chip and lob shots are not that great at the moment and you freak out a little when you are not too far from the green but chipping is not yet your strength.

You don't want to muck it up now you are near the green and you have worked so hard to get to this position but you feel that you don't yet have the confidence to chip your ball.

I have another method you can try to take the pressure off your chipping game. Yes we are going to learn to chip with a Hybrid Club.

So watch the video above and discover how to take the pressure off your not yet developed chipping strokes.

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