Quick Tip From Tiff: #2 Struggle Hitting Out Of Bunkers - Part 1

This is a condensed tip from #167 Web TV: Do You Struggle Hitting Out Of Bunkers – Part 1.

(You will find that these tips go for under 2 minutes - just enough to give you the main context of what you need)

However, if you want all the detail of these tip in the longer version go to this page here #167 Web TV: Do You Struggle Hitting Out of Bunkers - Part 1. and get all the instruction you need.

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Tiffany Mika

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Judy Lobsey

love you tips – sharing them with my beginner group I am helping -

Anne Birrell

Loving your tips

Anne McDonald

Thanks Tiff , bunkers( and putting) are my nemesis . Will try your tip .

Michael Derbyshire

Thanks for all your tips, they have made my game a pleasure as I have improved in all aspects and now know what to do even if I don’t do it all the time. I have promoted you constantly here in Bermagui and only ever get very positive feedback from all my golfing friends.
Thank you once again

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